Character Sketch: Asher Riley

Thursday, October 23, 2014
Let me introduce you to probably my favorite male character, Asher (Ash), who is going to become Emma's first friend at her new school. He enjoys anything to do with drawing, painting, or artistic. He is that one totally reliable guy, who always follows his word and doesn't fail to be there for you. He plays a large role in Emma's story, being one of the friends who helps her to love herself, because they love her already.

He is going to be *one love interest*, but certainly not the only one... Here is his basic sketch.

"Asher Riley:

(age 17)

Color-Manipulation/Blending in

Dark hair, Brown eyes, Freckles, middle-height

Likes&Interests: Art, Music, Outdoors, Talking, Helping others

Pros/Cons: Blends in/feels invisible, Available/taken for granted, Kind/friend zoned, Always there/afraid of Abandonment."

Still working on him, which is why we call this type of project a WIP or 'Work In Progress'... Below are some Pinterest pictures that help me to visualize him better.

(Yes, this is a hospital scene!! But no spoilers for you!!)

I love Ash so much because he is such a sweet-heart!! But he can be witty and sarcastic too... I think I connect with him because we both love beautiful things, (works of art, nature, the little things.) I can tell I'm going to love working with this fella over the next several months. Meet Ash, everyone!! :)

H.M. Wilson


  1. Hello! You followed my blog, so I thought I'd stop by and say hello and thank you! :D

    Asher sounds AWESOME, btw. ;)

    And YOUR LAST NAME IS WILSON?? So somewhere far, faaaar back in our ancestry, we were probably related! :D

    Thanks again for following me! :)

    1. Hey, Rachel! Thanks for the comment. Haha! Thank you, I've been working on him for awhile now...
      Yep, I'm a Wilson! I've got lots of Irish & Scottish in my background, so maybe we were!! Lol!

    2. Also, thank you so very much for the follow!!! :D

  2. He sounds so amazing! Definitely following your blog, btw.
    Poor friend zoned boy XD

    1. Hi, Elizabeth! Wow, thank you so much!! I get giddy when I get a new follower... lol! Yes, poor Ash has it rough, but he is great!! Cannot wait for him to "come to life." :)


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