Character Sketch: Hudson Elliott

Tuesday, October 28, 2014
He is tall, handsome, and dreamy... And he is Emma's biggest *love interest*!! Hudson comes and goes throughout the story because he isn't really close to Emma's friends. He has a big heart, and part of that heart belongs to Emma. He gives her the attention she craves, talks to her, and puts forth an effort to know her better. His power is similar to hers, so they have that common ground. Here is his sketch...

  • "Hudson Elliott
  • (age 17)

  • Manipulate Thoughts

  • Blond, Green eyes, Tall, Broad shoulders, Thick eyebrows

  • Likes&Interests: Running, Hiking, Sports, Reading, Emma

  • Pros/Cons: Manipulate Thinking/Spoiled, Protective/Bossy, Kind/Secretive"

  • Hudson is basically Emma's dream-guy... But, like all people, he does some bad things. Yet deep down he has a great heart. I think Hudson will be an interesting character to write because he is going to be much more complex than his sketch. (And FYI, his power makes it possible for him to send ideas and/or thoughts into people's minds. The whole "Manipulate Thoughts" sounds really weird, but that was the best name for it...) I found a few Pinterest Pictures that look kind of like him...

(Blond, not Brown...)

I can't tell you too much more about Hudson!! The reason for this is, he is a part of a secret-special-something at the end of the book... In fact, I'm probably telling you too much right now. But anywho, meet Hudson, everyone!! <3

H.M. Wilson

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