Character Sketch: Lennon MacPierson

Sunday, October 26, 2014
Blunt, honest, and not afraid of standing-out, Lennon is another of Emma's closest friends. She ends up being the one who causes Emma to show her power for the first time their little posse. Lennon is very sharp when it comes to memorisation of her studies, and she keeps tabs on everyone in the school. She is there for Emma when she needs to hear the unedited truth. Lennon can come off as sarcastic and rude, but her friends know she means well. Here is her rough sketch...

"Lennon MacPierson

(age 17)

Photographic Memory

Black & Purple hair, Violet eyes, wears black & purple

Likes&Interests: Reading/Memorizing school files, Photography, Organizing, Being Different, 

Pros/Cons: Excellent Memory/know-it-all, Honest/blunt, Unique/afraid of being forgettable, Intelligent/sarcastic."

She is definitly going to be a interesting character to write... I've never worked with a completly sarcastic and blunt character before. Plus, her hipster-like attitude is something new for me to construct. I've had trouble finding anything on Pinterest that give me a clear replica of her, but I did my best...

(Purple & Black, but longer...)
 (Not the whole "tough-girl" attitude...)

 (Yes!! Just purple, not green...)

I connect with Lennon because I LOVE the art of sarcasm!! I know it's an odd reason to love her character, but I like characters & people with a sarcastic/snarky sense of humor. As I have said before, diversity is important... If all of your characters are super-sticky-sweet, you and the readers will become bored and frustrated. Add some "spice" to your character's speech and personalities... Make yourself laugh or groan with their humor. Make them real.

I'm happy to introduce Lennon, guys!! I'll introduce her future *love interest* tomorrow... ;)

H.M. Wilson

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