Character Sketch: Nigel Cromwell

Monday, October 27, 2014
He's witty, prankish, and smart! Meet Nigel Cromwell, aka Lennon's *love interest*... Yes, he likes Lennon and all, but he plays a much larger role than that of a silly crush. Nigel becomes one of Emma's trusted friends, and helps her to learn to 'loosen up and let go'. He is pretty much the group's party-man. He sets the date, picks the place, and secures the food for all of their little get-togethers.
The funny thing though, is he also happens to be the school's advanced math teacher!! (or tutor, I haven't decided which...) Here is his little sketch.

"Nigel Cromwell

(age 17)

Mathematics Genius

Bleach-blond hair, Glasses, Hipster-like clothing

Likes&Interests: Teaching Advanced Math, Coding, Sneaking around, pranking, having fun, getting Lennon’s attention. 

Pros/Cons: MathSkills/Teases, Funny/Insecure, Teacher/Prankster, Genius/Afraid of being know-it-all, Patient/Stubborn."

As you can see, he is going to be quite interesting... I'm still sifting through his different traits and trying to secure the ones that would work best for him. I also found a few Pinterest Pictures that help with a bit of a visual...

 (That. Is. Him. Just without the piercings...)

(Lennon and Nigel if they were cartoons. This isn't going to be a scene, but the picture was perfect!!)

I like Nigel because is is a balance between goofy and nerdy!! But at the same time, you realize that his funny and laughable remarks are to cover up his insecurities... He is one of those characters that make you think about what's really going on inside their mind. We all know people who try to overcompensate for their insecurities by covering up with a joke or a prank. (Or maybe you are that person!) But Nigel's character, like all of the others, is going to undergo some changes. He is going to learn about how he can be his entire self, and not just over-the-top in one area.  

I'm pleased for all of you to meet Nigel!! <3

H.M. Wilson

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