Character Sketch: Professor Howard Greer

Wednesday, October 29, 2014
This is the LAST Character Sketch for my NaNo Novel, Emma's File... And he is an odd one if you know what I mean. But, nevertheless, he is Emma's favorite teacher at her new school, Professor Greer!! He teaches in the Science department and knows practically everything about each student there. Though the strangest thing is, he doesn't have a power other than being smart... Or does he? Here is his rough sketch.

"Professor Howard Greer

(age 57)

Glasses, Crazy hair, Stubble on chin&cheeks, Big nose, Wrinkled forehead, Bushy eyebrows.

Likes&Interests: Teaching, Experiments, Studying Powers, Science, Inventing

Pros/Cons: Intelligent/No power, Teacher/Cluttered, Light-hearted/Disorganized, Understanding/Matter-of-fact, Busy/Absentminded"

As you can see here, he is going to be quite a puzzle!! And like everyone else, he has flaws and secrets. But that is what brings depth to your characters! I looked for some Pinterest pictures of him, but for some odd reason I keep imagining him like Stanley Tucci!!! Here are the ones that reminded me of the Professor...

I don't know why, but his face is what I see when I imagine Professor Greer!! (If my book gets published and then made into a movie, I guess I'll request for him to play Greer?? Lol!) 
I realize that with a few of my characters I haven't gone into too much detail... But there are reasons!! I have a few interesting secrets for the end, so I have to keep a few secrets. All in good time... 
However, I still wish for you to meet each character one-by-one, so here is Professor Greer, everyone! :)

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H.M. Wilson

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