Everyday Adventure

Thursday, October 30, 2014

I don't know why, but the word adventure fills me with a sense of wonder like nothing else can. What is adventure, and why does it stir up that exciting sensation inside each of us? If I'm being completely honest with myself, I know that when I read the word, I just want to jump up and take off down the road to who-knows-where!!

(Yes, that would be me...)

So what does this mysterious word mean??

ADVENTURE: "an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity."

Adventure is just something doing different and out of the ordinary. We like routines, but we also like to change things up a bit every once and a while. In moderation, I personally think that it is a fairly healthy desire.

Let's be honest, we all crave adventure of some sort. That's why we have roadtrips, vacations, and... (here it comes...) BOOKS. We read books for adventure, right? I know I do. I am addicted to the burst of excitement when my favorite character expresses their love for another, to the rush of adrenaline when the protagonist is being chased by the "bad-guys," and to the sigh of relief when the protagonist declares victory. 

I think you will find that most book-lovers are this way. We go on adventures without even leaving our front door. We live a thousand lives in a space of a day. We experience beauty that exists only in our imaginations. It's amazing.

("There is no frigate like a book to take us lands away..."--Emily Dickinson)

I understand, of course, that there is much more to life than just reading. I realize that one cannot just hide away and live a life found in a fairytale. You must experience the richness of life for yourself, not through someone's words, but in your body and mind and soul.

GOD calls us to "get out of our comfort-zone" on a regular basis. That's what life's all about! So live life to the fullest!! Don't just rely on an author's point of view to tell you how things are; go find out for yourself.

"So how do I find Adventure in my everyday life? What is Everyday Adventure?"

Look at ordinary life through a different point of view... You might just be surprised at what you discover.

Sometimes something as simple as saying hello to a new person can be an adventure, only if you have the courage to do so... 

Understand that facing the future is an adventure all by itself... Keep walking, because you never know what you might find just around the corner.

Your life won't be perfect. But it must be lived. You can't hide from who GOD made you to be. ANd your can't hide from what HE has called you to do. 

Live your Everyday Adventure.

 H.M. Wilson

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