My NaNo Novel: Emma's File

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Getting ready to start typing this thing!! I've got most of the plot outline finished and am currently working on my character sketches. 
I thought that over the next few days, leading up to November 1st, I would share parts of my soon-to-be novel and just give tiny tidbits of info to tickle your brain.

This particular story probably falls under YA fiction... (And possibly a little sci-fi too??) The basic theme is learning to love yourself and others despite your differences, and understanding that everyone has purpose.

Here's the basic idea...

"Emma is always on the odd side of the equation... And her ability to listen to people's thoughts doesn't help much. She is constantly misunderstood and hurt. But her life drastically changes when her father sticks her on a train headed for the middle of nowhere, where she attends a secret boarding-school for gifted teens. 
As she meets new people, she gains friends who help her to help herself. Along with this, she overhears rumors about a curse over the Academy that causes students to mysteriously go missing. Before she knows it, her curiosity throws her into a series of shocking revelations about her new school, her friends, and herself..."
Okay... Maybe there's a bit of mystery involved too. What can I say?
I think the inspiration for the whole diversity theme came from me and my friends when we hang out... Because each and every one of us is different, in our own way. GOD created us with different personalities and strengths, and yet we are all the better for it! I mean, think about it, if all of us we one way, we would never accomplish anything. Because everyone has fears, doubts, and insecurities that the next person can help you to push to the side. (And vis-versa...) 
We are stronger as a diverse whole. Notice I say "whole," and not, "individual pieces of a separate puzzle." If we all have the same purpose in mind, (i.e. Jesus, finding a pizza-place, creating story ideas...) we can reach it better together, not alone.
So many people look down on others because they have different gifts, talents, and personalities. I think that is why this story is so dear to me right now; to show people we can use our differences to become stronger and unified.

 Alright, that's the theme and all, but what about the main character?? Well let me tell you something... I have had the hardest time choosing a name for her!! She has gone through maybe 3 different names until I finally settled on "Emma." (Partially because of Jane Austen's Emma.)
Emma is somewhat of an introvert at first. The entire story is about her growth and coming out of her shell, learning that her power is not a curse. Here is her basic sketch:
"Emma Winslow: 
(age 16)
Dark hair, Grey eyes, Small figure, Fair skin, Sharp features
Likes&Interests: Reading, Listening, Thinking, Daydreaming
Pros/Cons: Reading Minds/Introvert, Listener/Afraid of rejection, Empathetic/Internalizes, Talented/Hates her gift, Understands others/Cannot understand herself."

Yeah, she still needs work, but she is coming along... I've scoured Pinterest & found different actresses that remind me of her and settings she is in.

So... that's her for now. I feel a good connection with Emma because she knows what it is like to be the awkward-new-kid and to have a lot to think about. Plus, she loves books and Libraries!! :D

(Feel free to comment, follow, share, and all that jazz! I'll update again with the next character soon!!) <3 <3 <3

                                                                                                                                       H.M. Wilson

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