Saturday, October 25, 2014
Someone requested that I do some writing advice posts, so I decided to take a break from my Character Sketch series & talk about the writing process today... (And look, I made a hashtag!!)

I'm not going to lie... I have no idea what I'm doing. I have never published a novel. I am not a professional in any way! 

So how can I give advice? Well, if you think about what it is to share advice, all you are doing is talking about what helps you most! So, that's what I will do.

Today's #WritingAdvice post will be all about locating the abstract element of INSPIRATION.

Look to the authors who spoke to you as a child & are still speaking to you now

"What made me remember that story after all these years? Why did I enjoy it so much? How did I feel when I read it?"

Somehow they caught your fancy! Discover what it was about their stories that attracted you, and catch that sparkle again. Write in such a way that you feel that special glow when you play your story over in your mind.

    Look to the most important people in your life. 

    "What makes them special to me? What causes the strong bond between me and them? How do I connect with them best?

    Use these questions as fuel for your "Writing Fire," as you write about different relationships.

    Look at your everyday life

    "What makes my day shine? What life-lessons have I learned? What problems have I gained perspective from? How do my decisions affect me?"

    These questions provide the makings for theme & truth in your writing. No story truly "comes alive" without truth, and is pointless without theme.

    Look into your deepest memories. 

    "Can I remember the emotions I felt when experiencing something (good or bad) for the first time? Can I remember the nostalgic smells, sounds, tastes, and atmosphere from some important point in time? What moments (funny, sad, embarrassing, happy...) stand out in my memory?"

    The innocence and wonder of childhood is a precious thing to incorporate into your writing. 

    Look other people's stories

    "How did so-and-so become who they are today? What took place to lead them to a change of jobs, change of situation, or change of heart? What is the significance of the change?"

    Transfer this into your character development. If your character makes no change whatsoever in the entire course of your story, it's equivalent to writing about a hunk of meat in the freezer: boring, pointless, and somewhat frustrating. 

    Look at legends and tall-tales

    "Does my favorite historical figure have any legends or mysteries connected with them? Could there be any truth to that old-wives-tale told by that woman I know? Is there a story passed down by several generations in my family that I could research?" 

    These sorts of questions get your creative juices flowing & makes you think out all of the possible answers.

    Look at your deepest fears

    "Why am I afraid of the dark? What makes me jump? What makes me feel uncomfortable?"

    No character is complete without fears, including you. As mean as it seems, take advantage of your character's fear and exploit them to show that they are not invincible to  the most human emotion.

    Look at pictures

    "Where could that photo have been taken? What is that girl's name? Why is his hair so grey at such a young age? What secret are they hiding behind that smile?

    You cannot create a believable scene or character without some sort of description, however short or long. 

    Look at quotes from great people.

    "What does my favorite author say on this topic? What did the world's greatest singer think about this? What advice did my pastor give on this? What do my parents think about that?"

    Sometimes another point of view is helpful. You can find quotes by famous people on literally every topic, nowadays. Find some encouraging writing quotes that give you a bit of a boost & an idea or two.


    There you go!! As you can see, finding inspiration is not too hard. All you have to do is ask yourself questions and seek out the answer. 

    That's what writers do anyway, right? We write to answer questions that have been asked for years, to state ideas that we have accumulated, and to share our thoughts on various topics. Sure, we usually try to not make it too obvious... But that's what a Theme is! It's an answer to a question or a problem. It is supposed to make you think.

    I hope this was helpful advice!! Leave a comment, share, follow, and all of those lovely things!! Thanks, guys!! <3

    H.M. Wilson


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