Greeting the Dawn of A New Year (2015)

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

It's New Year's Eve... 

Some people celebrate by hosting a huge party... Others go to the said party... Some people go out on dates... Eat crazy 'new year's meals'...

And then there are people like me... Those who are hiding out in their Hobbit-Hole of a room tonight, watching Doctor Who & eating cheesecake. 

Oh, how I love living on the edge!! :P

But seriously, props to you guys out there who are like me and don't really feel up to partying tonight.  There's nothing wrong with that! You are not alone. 

I have no problem with having some fun on the Eve of the New Year or anything! But to be honest, this year I am tired... I just want to kick back & take things slowly. I want to greet the New Year gently, like the sun rising. 

I think that is one thing that I want to do differently this next year. I want to take life slowly. I don't want to rush unless it is absolutely necessary. I want to experience things as they come, and learn to just go with the flow.

I think all-too-often we rush through life, wishing we were somewhere else, doing something else, and being someone else... We do this when I think GOD wants us to take time to learn to be content with our situations & learn to enjoy the little things. 

Now, there is no problem with getting in a hurry once-and-a-while! But I also think that taking time to do new things, to do the things that you never have the time to do, is a healthy thing.

{Write that book. Read that story. Talk to that new kid in your class. Spend some much-needed time with your parents. Take your siblings out to a movie. Play a song for your grandparents. Take that mission trip. Do that bible study. Fill in the blank...}

Stop putting things off if you know that it is something GOD has told you to do! We are never guarantied tomorrow. 

I am going to write a book this year.
I am gonna loose that extra weight this year. Haha! 
I am going to draw closer to GOD this year.
I am going to continue & hopefully grow this blog this year.
The list is endless...

So... What about you? What are you going to take the time to do this year? HAPPY NEW YEAR, MY FRIENDS!!! I cannot wait to see what this new year brings... 

And to close this post, I will quote a certain Angus Tuck as a beautiful reminder: "Don't be afraid of death, Winnie. Be afraid of the unlived life."

H.M. Wilson


  1. Happy new year!

    I'm going to take time to enjoy the small things in life this year :)

    I love that quote!

    1. Yeah, it's from one of my all-time favorite movies & books!! XD

  2. i honestly wish i'd stayed home, watched netflix, and had some cheesecake on new years. i'm a bit of a homebody myself. HAPPY NEW YEAR! can't wait to learn and grow this year.

    1. Haha!! Homebodies, UNITE--seperately--in your own homes... lol!! XD


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