Sneaky-Peek + Vulnerability

Monday, February 23, 2015

Okay, I did it!! I sent in the first 200 words of my book to Kingdom Pen Blog to enter in their contest. And to be honest, it was a hard thing for me to do. And to be even more honest, that alone is hard for me to admit...

I guess it all goes back to being vulnerable. When one writes something--something from the heart--and pours themselves into every word, it becomes something special. It might sound terrible, and it might never compare with Harper Lee or Charles Dickens, but it is still special because it is a part of you. When you share that with someone, you are opening up your heart for them to look at and possibly criticize. Knowing that you just might not have created a work of genius...

--It's scary!! 

As writers, we all fantasize about the day that our story will rest in its rightful place on the Best-Sellers List, with thousands of people waiting for their autographed copy. We cannot wait for the day that someone randomly walks up to us and thanks us for sharing our book with them, saying how excited they are to read the sequal. We dream of the moment that we hear our novel being nominated for an award. We long for the time when our stories have been released into the world, like tiny ships onto the sea.

But... When you are still far away from that goal, it all seems impossible. What if they hate my story? What if no one will publish it? What if people will laugh at my lame attempts of writing? What if I'm not a beautifully budding author in a chrysalis, simply waiting to come out? 

Everyone has insecurities. Everyone wants to be accepted & appreciated. Everyone wishes they were the best of the best. Sadly, it won't happen every time.

People won't always appreciate you. Publishers will turn your book down. And your book will have people that don't like it. BUT...... Someone will.

There will always be someone in this world who loves you, who wants to help you improve yourself, and who loves you & your story. There will be someone out there that needs your heart to be opened, and your tale to be told. 

So face the lions of insecurity & get your story out there. Share it with people. 

Now... I guess I should practice what I preach. So, here is the beginning of my WIP, Emma's File.

“A penny for your thoughts?”  is  a  fairly  common  question;  one  I  have  never  used.  I  desperately  wish  I  had  a  reason  to  ask,  but  I  don’t — I  already  know.  I  guess  that’s  why  I’m  being  sent  away  in  the  first  place. 

—If  only  I  had  been  able  to  control  myself…

I  slump  over  in  my  seat  as  the  train  rocks  me  back  and  forth.  I  can  see  my  dad’s  tall  figure  standing  in  the  distance,  waving  his  last  goodbye.  But  a  sad  smile  can’t  fool  me;  he’s  relieved  to  have  me  out  of  his  hair  for  a  while.
As  the  train  picks  up  speed,  I  see  the  murky - colored  sky  overhead,  threatening  to  rain  on  the  way.  But  who  cares?  The  weather  can’t  change  how  I  feel.
I  tug  at  my  sweater,  pulling  the  sleeves  over  my  fingers.  A  strand  of  yarn  is  unraveling,  but  I  ignore  it  for  now.  Instead,  I  glance  disdainfully  at  the  brochure  Dad  shoved  into  my  hand  when  I  ascended  the  steps  of  the  train,  back  at  the  station. 
“VanAlburg  Academy  for  Gifted  Students,”  I  sigh,  scanning  the  title, “Gifted  students…  What  a  joke.”

—It’s  not  a  gift.  It’s  a  curse...

I hope you enjoyed this little snippet of my story! Feel free to do the same on your blog & be sure to send me the link so I can read it!! <3

H.M. Wilson


  1. Goodness, that was brave of you to send off your story like that. It's hard to share something that's so important, not knowing how it will be taken. I love the snippet of it that you shared - so intriguing!

    1. Thank you for reading, Hannah! I was pretty worried about sending it out, but I'm learning to relax a little bit... lol! Writing is loads of fun, but when it comes time for people to read my writing, I become a nervous wreak! I'm glad you liked the bit I shared. I'm hoping to post a bit more as time goes on... <3

  2. I definitely can relate to those feelings of insecurity and vulnerability. My writing is so close to me and sometimes I even hold back a little with my writing because I'm afraid that when I send it out for a critique or for a contest people won't be receptive to my honest writing. Maybe they'll think it's cheesy or stupid. And yet I must push past that doubt because that's how I'll become a better writer. I love your first paragraph, and it raises a ton of questions in my mind.

    1. So true, Ana!! But if you think about it, it's the authors that pour their heart & soul into their writing that we end up adoring the most!! :D

  3. I think every writer has those insecurities (I know I do) and the thing is not realizing that you have them but that you have the power to overcome them, like you did. The snippet sounds interesting—I take it she's a mind reader? It begs for more! :)

    1. Hi, Heather! Right on!! She IS a mind-reader. I'm tickled that you got it.... Btw, your blog is cool! I think I follow you on Bloglovin, if I'm not mistaken. I saw your most recent post & I'm going through the blogs you mentioned that I don't already follow... lol! :)
      Have you ever published any of your writing? I'd be interested to read it!


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