Bookish Pet-Peeves

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Being the type of person who is in the constant act of reading, I have picked up a few pet-peeves when it comes to the books I read... I thought that today I would share some of them, and maybe we will all discover that we are not "the only one" who feels irritated at our books when these certain irksome things come up!

Well... Here goes nothing!

1.) Cliches 

There are soooo many cliches in books these days, and it seriously gets on my nerves! You know what I'm talking about... When I feel like I am having déjà-vu as I read, it might just be because I have read it over and over again! I like something unique to savor. 

2.) Unacceptable cliff-hangers

Okay, I know this book is supposed to be the first in a series, but why would you do that thing you did at the end of the book?? I like a decent cliff-hanger on occasion--it makes me want to continue reading. But I cannot stand one that is so deep that I feel like I will plummet to my death before I get my hands on the next book. It's maddening!! 

3.) Unrelateable Protagonist

It's really sad when I start rooting for the antagonist instead of the supposed "hero" of the tale. If the lead role is a despicable human being, a"goody-goody" with no human faults, or someone I just can't bring myself to feel sorry for, chances are I won't relate to them or care about their fate.

4.) Late descriptions

Nothing is more irritating than forming that special mental picture of a character & having it shattered in Chapter 35 when the author finally decides to throw in the person's hair and eye color... If there is going to be that sort of description, I'd prefer it early on.

5.) Crazy Names

"Sir Roldphazertatum MacVanWhozitt the IV of Shazimazfalzar in the North Region of Malionfalionbatwhat..." 

Say what, now? If I can't decently pronounce their names, (or even remember them for that matter,) I am not going to be as interested in their roles in the story. An image will take too long to form in my mind, and I will probably quit reading.

6.) Introducing too many characters at once

It is a major turn-off for me when I am bombarded with new characters at every turn. I like to take things slowly, so when this happens I get overwhelmed and just want to hide my head inside my turtle shell & never emerge again. Slow and steady wins the race in this instance.

7.) Pushy morals

Ugh... I really hate when I run into this. Don't get me wrong, I love-love-love stories with an underlying purpose or meaning, but I do not like it being thrown in my face.  I almost feel like the author thinks I'm either (a) too ignorant to understand the hidden meaning on my own or (b) a totally unfeeling person with no understanding of their point, even after reading the whole story.

In the words of Mrs. P.L. Travers, "Stay there until you learn the art of subtlety..." 

8.) Too much sappy, gag-inducing romance

Have you ever caught yourself gagging because of excess lovey-doveiness in a book? Yeah, that's me... I love some romantic sparking here-and-there, but I do not usually go for the full-on make-out scenes that so many of the YA authors incorporate into their books nowadays. Just...gross.

9.) No humor

This is a huge one for me, because I like to laugh. Chuckling & smirking at some character's witty comeback is a major part of reading for me; I need something to lighten up the mood! If there is no comic relief or no sass-offs every once and a while, I will feel depressed and kinda bored.

10.) Book hype

EVERYONE and their brother is talking about a book, the media is shoving it in my face, critics are talking about how it is the best book in the world, I'm having to see the movie preview only a few months after the book release, I keep getting bombarded with every spoiler on the planet... I end up getting the gist of the whole story & am already sick of it before I have even read it. And honestly, the only reason everyone else is reading it is because it is popular! I know, I sound like such a hipster... But it truly does bug me! (I'm looking at you, TFIOS... Yes, I haven't read you or seen your movie & I probably never will. You can't make me. I already hate you.) 

Now you know my biggest bookish pet-peeves. Forgive me if I sounded brutal or mean... I promise I'm not this rude all the time! Haha! :)

Comment down below & tell me some of your bookish pet-peeves! Did you find some that resonated with you? Lemme know which ones I missed! 

H.M. Wilson


  1. Wonderful post, Hannah, as per usual :) I especially agree with #4 - that one really gets to me! I hate having to try to change my mental picture.

    1. Thanks, Hannah!! :) Yes, that one really frustrates me... But I also somewhat feel that way when I watch a movie adaption before I read a book, too. Lol! :P

  2. Ugh... I was cringing just reading this list. So many pet peeves! Especially cliches and crazy names, those get me every time and make me want to slam the books against a brick wall!

    1. Thanks for reading, Hannah D!! :) Haha! Yes, a few of these were rather cringe-worthy, weren't they? Glad I'm not the only one...

  3. I have to agree totally, especially with 3, 7 & 8. I also hate a poorly edited book, with typos, etc. That turns me off really fast... Anyway, I just recently found your blog, and I've really enjoyed reading it!
    Keep up the good work & God bless!

    1. Hi, Jessica! Thanks for reading! :) Oh, YES!! Typos drive me crazy... (Especially when I catch myself making them!)
      Thanks again! I hope you enjoy reading more. God bless! <3

  4. YES. Especially 10. Like, I love it when a book is amazing, and I imagine the author must be pleased, but when I basically know the books before I've even read it...
    And crazy names are the worst. Like, pick an unusual name for your character if you want, but nothing that is hard to read/remember.

    1. Thanks for reading, Opal! :) YAY!! I'm not the only one!! Haha! :D

  5. First off, let me introduce myself: I'm Victoria. *smiles and waves*
    I agree with all of your points so much, but especially #6. When it happens, there's a huge chance that I'm going to forget who's who, and it can get irritating. I mean, there are authors who do it well, but other times, yeah.

    1. Hi, Victoria!! (*smiles & waves*) Thanks for stopping by!! :) Yes, in that instance, I feel like I'm in a large group of people & everyone is talking to me at once... Lol! Too overwhelming! :P

  6. Your list is spot on! I especially despise number 3. If I can't relate to the protagonist, or if I don't like him/her, I'll probably stop reading.

    I love Cliffhangers, though, UNLESS at the end of a book I didn't like. Because they make me want to know what happens next and yet there's NO WAY I'm reading the next book. So aggravating.

    And can I just say, that you are are right not to read TFIOS. Sooo does not live up to the hype.

    1. Thanks for reading, Allie! :) I DO like cliffhangers, but if they are so very bad that I cannot stand to wait another day without answers... Gah!! I'm sorry... It's excruciating!! Haha! :P

      Oh, thank you for mentioning that! I was a little concerned that I was going to catch flack for that little comment... ;)

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