777 Challenge

Saturday, June 27, 2015

I have a few tags to catch up on... I chose to start with this challenge, because I promised to share a tidbit of my story a while back. This seemed like a fun way to go about it, so that is what I am going to do! (Thanks for tagging me, Sarah @ Sarah Plain & Average !!)

Go to page 7 of your current work-in-progress (WIP), scroll down to line 7, and share the next 7 lines in a blog post.  Once finished, tag 7 blogger buddies to do the challenge themselves on their own blogs.

I'm not gonna lie, though... This is the 8th page of my WIP. (I'm so rebellious!) But this page is much more interesting that the 7th. I guess that goes to show that I need to work on that, though. And, (for my other rebellious moment,) I am going to share more o the story than the tag calls for this go around. 

Here is a bit from my WIP, Emma's File...

    I stop in front of one painting that looks decidedly familiar. A man, dressed in a striped brown waist-coat and glasses, stares back at me, his distinctly life-like features glowing warmly. His wide forehead and large nose...The wrinkles at the corner of his eyes... Where have I seen that face before?
    “Professor Edwin VanAlburg, the first owner of this property,” a voice says behind me. I nearly jump out of my skin, spinning around to look for the speaker, but I see no one about. 

    “Over here,” the voice says again. And, to my surprise, a part of the tapestry begins to move toward me and slowly takes the form of a person. 

I feel a scream rising from my toes. The strange tapestry-person slowly becomes easier to define and finally morphs into a teenage guy. He stretches out his hand in a calming gesture.
    “Sorry about that! I should’ve said something earlier. I just saw you looking at the painting and—well I just wanted to watch. I promise I didn’t mean to scare you.”

I find myself breathing in short little gasps. 
    “How did y-you… Where—How did you do that?” I stutter, my legs aching with the rush of adrenaline, “Why couldn’t I see you just now?” 
    “I dunno,” he replies, shrugging his shoulders, “I just do it. Sometimes I can control it, others I can’t. That’s why they brought me here.”

His bright brown eyes smile kindly as he speaks. His hands rest in his pockets and his feet are spread apart. 

    “I’m Ash, by the way,” he grins, removing his hand to wave quickly. 

    “Emma,” I answer, not sure how I feel about talking to this random guy in the hall.

    “And I’m guessing you’re new here,” his eyes twinkle.

There you have it!! I hope you all enjoyed this little taste of my WIP... I'd love to read some of yours!! So, even if I don't mention you down below, please feel free to share & leave the link in the comments so I can read it!

I nominate...

Hannah @ The Daisy Tree
Cait @ Paper Fury
Braden @ The Storymonger

I am so excited to see what you all have in store!! :)

H.M. Wilson


  1. OOOOH I WANT MORE! Well done!! And what a fun tag!

    1. Awe... Thanks, Anne!! Lol! This was a lot of fun!! :D

  2. Cool excerpt! I want to hear the rest of that story:)

    Thanks for tagging me!

  3. OMG THAT IS AWESOME. Your story sounds soooo cooool. Thanks for the tag, too. ;-)

    1. Thanks, Cait!! :D No problemo! I'd love to hear an excerpt from your new WIP!!

  4. I have actually already done this prompt ( http://rachelssecretscribblings.blogspot.ca/2015/04/777-writing-tag.html ), HOWEVER......since YOU changed up the tag.....and I DO like doing these........*thinking* perhaps I shall do it again, but change it up a little. ;D

    1. OH! lol I almost forgot to say: EXCUSE ME DID HE JUST COME OUT OF A TAPESTRY

      that's awesome! :D

    2. Oh, okay! Don't feel pressured to do it again if you don't want too! (I have a hard time remembering who has done what!! lol!) But it WOULD be cool if you were a rebel with me. Hehehe... ;)

      Yeah... He kinda just did. He blends in to his surroundings throughout the story! Everyone at their school has some kind of "gift" & that one is his!! I'm glad you enjoyed that!! <3

  5. i. love. this. (Those words were supposed to be cappitalized but after the I was mistakenly lowercased, I decided it looks much cooler that way) This is so well-written! God has given you talent and I'm looking forward to seeing where He takes you!! *as I comment a third time tonight o_o*

    1. Hi, Rachel! :) LOL! Yeah, it's cool that way... Thank you so much!!

      And feel free to comment away! I love reading & responding! <3


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