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Thursday, June 18, 2015
I was tagged by Rachel at Secret Scribblings to talk about my favorite characters to grace the screen...

For those of you who haven't been around here long, I love watching movies/TV shows! (Although, not quite as much as I enjoy reading.) And since I have this love for watching these shows, it makes it difficult to pick just 10... But I'm going to try it anyway! Here, in no particular order, are my Top Ten Favorite Screen Characters!

1.) Dr. John Watson: BBC Sherlock

Dr. Watson, a wounded war vet, wins all the awards for being the "best buddy ever". He is the constant, loyal friend that Sherlock needs, and is always tossing around smart-alac, sarcastic comments about life. His easy-going nature perfectly balances Sherlock's all-work-and-no-play mentality and never ceases to remind his friend that "normal people" can do amazing things too! 

2.) Sybil Crawly: Downton Abbey

Sybil is a sweet, feisty little ball of preciousness. She is a rather unique individual and stands out a great deal from the rest of her family. She is kind and caring, and pays no attention to tradition by spending time with her servants and people further down the food-chain than she is... (She even falls in love with her driver!) She was my favorite character on the show until--(*spoilers removed*) UGH!! Why??

3.) 10th Doctor: Doctor Who

He is a smart, sassy, sarcastic, smack-talking, Converse-wearing alien with fabulous hair!! What's not to love?? He's my favorite Doctor out of all of them!! (*Comment down below if you are a die-hard 10-er!!*) His face just makes me happy, okay? 

4.) Peeta Malark: The Hunger Games

Sweet, gentle, great with words, and slightly romantic, Peeta is my favorite character in the movies & books. So adorably precious!! He makes me wanna cry on a regular basis. )I don't like Katniss being mean to him... She doesn't realize what a catch he is, does she?)

5.) Meggie Folchardt: Inkheart

Meggie always clicked with me... Her love of books, reading & writing them, always spoke to me on a personal level. I've always wanted to be able to make book characters come to life by reading them out loud!! (Why can't I do that?) Plus, her style choices are pretty cute too!

6.) Jo: Bleak House

Jo is an orphan, living on the streets of London, looking for his next meal. He made me cry... If I knew this street kid, I would personally feed him, wrap him up in a warm blanket, & read to him!! Why did Dickens have to be so mean to him?? (While watching the show, I kept wondering when his next scene was & worrying about him in the meanwhile.) 

7.) William Buxton: Return to Cranford

(*Squeeeeeeeee*) Adorableness levels are through the roof with this character!!! William is a young man with a dream for the future. He enjoys anything modern and is head-over-heels in love. His first scene on-screen is of him chasing his dog through the countryside and tripping in front of a groupof respectable people. He's just great...

8.) Auggie Anderson: Covert Affairs

Auggie is a blind agent with a spunky sense of humor. He is sweet, charming, and never ceases to make me and Annie, (the protagonist,) smile. He is very much the cautious one of the group, but his firm belief in Annie's abilities as an agent & a friend makes him all the more endearing. 

9.) Inigo Montoya: The Princess Bride

"Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." 

'Nuff said!

10.) Sam: Casablanca

Kind, sensitive, and very musically inclined, Sam makes me grin like an idiot every time he sings on screen! His happy-go-lucky attitude is contagious! And did I mention his musical abilities...?

Okay, there you have it!! It was hard to pick & choose, but these were the people that stand out at me the most.

I hope you enjoyed reading that! And just for fun... I TAG YOU!! Have fun with it! <3

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(Review coming soon! And yes, I skipped ahead & read this one before I was done with Emma...)
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H.M. Wilson 


  1. These are awesome favorites!! Watson! Sybil! Auggie!! I love them. XD This was super fun to read; I'm glad you did this! :D

    1. Thanks for reading & tagging me, Rachel! It was fun!! :) I love looking back to re-discover why I love these characters...

  2. I love Watson and Inigo Montoya—but maybe Inigo Montoya more because he is AWE-SOME! These are all great choices, though, and you make me want to look up a few. :D

    1. Hi, Heather! :) Haha! Yeah, Inigo is pretty darn awesome!! He is quoted by my family on a regular basis. Thanks for reading! <3

  3. Yes! I don't know all of these characters, but I can attest to the awesomeness of the ones that I do know! :) Ten is fabulous, but I am more of an eleven fan myself... :P

    1. Hi, Bailey! :) Thanks for stopping by! Yeah... 11 is still great! My best friend loves 11 best, but I still enjoy 10. (But ALL of the doctors are awesome!!!)

  4. *Whispers* Apart from Inigo Montoya, I know very little about the characters you have talked about.

    Can't wait for your Book Thief review!

    1. (*whispers back*) It's okay, Opal... I won't hold it against you! Haha! :P

      I am pumped for the review too! It was an amazing read!! <3

  5. 3, 4, 5, and 9 :) How are you liking Emma?

    1. Hey, Ally! :) I KNOW, RIGHT?? :D

      I like it... It's not my favorite of Jane Austen's, but it is still good! To be honest, I have decided to take a short break from classics for a while. (I've been reading a bunch of them lately...) So, Emma is going to go to the side for a short while, & I'm picking up something a tad lighter. Lol! ;) Nothing wrong with a little brain-break, right? :D

  6. *squeals* INIGO!!!! :D

  7. I love Sybil and I'M MAD ABOUT THAT TOO! Auggie is also a great pick!

    Super fun post!

    1. Why can't they pull a "not dead!" For Sybil?? Sigh... :(

      Thanks or reading!

  8. This is great! I think we have some of the same tastes in films. ;D John from Sherlock is one of the absolute bests, and Inigo!! GAH! The Princess Bride is just--AWESOME. A classic!

    By the way, I've tagged you on my blog for the 777 Writing Challenge: http://sarah-plainandaverage.blogspot.com/2015/06/the-777-writing-challenge.html And your blog design is GORGEOUS!!!

    1. Hi, Sarah! :) I love it when I find people with the same tastes in films & books!! Lol! One of the best feelings ever... :D

      Ooohh... That tag looks fun!! I'm going to try it! Thank you so much! <3


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