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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Hello. Welcome to to my Quick Guide for Speaking Fangirl. To start off this post, I must explain what an OTP is, along with a few other strange words used by the fangirl world...

An OTP is an acrostic for "One True Pairing," which, in fangirl-speak, is basically a free ticket to create romantic relationships between any fictional (or nonfictional) characters you want!! 

This leads to another definition. Putting two such characters together in this manner is known as "shipping". (Taken from the word "relationSHIP")

But these pairings certainly don't have to be limited to characters in the same story. One can pair any two characters they wish--from any movie/book! (If they do not appear in the same story, it becomes a "crossover ship.")

These "pairings" can be real, (they date/kiss/get married in the movie, book, or real life) or it can be completely made up for your enjoyment, (also known as fan fiction.)

Fan Fiction is a story made up by fans of a particular book or movie, which uses these already-known characters to act out a new story. Many of these fan fiction writers dedicate part of their story-writing to shipping their favorite OTPs & exploring what would happen in their lives together. Writing this way can be a fun way to stretch your writing muscles & focus on your story telling style, since the characters are already pre-made.

Now you know... You can speak some fangirl & will be able to comprehend this insane list I have compiled. 

This is a list of 10 of my favorite OTPs. Most of them are "real" in the sense that the people either dated or got married in the stories, but no big deal! :)

1) Jelsa (Jack Frost/Elsa from Rise of the Guardians & Frozen)

This is known as a "crossover ship"... Since Elsa & Jack both have ice-powers, and neither of them got a special someone, I think this would be a cute couple!! Elsa has trouble letting go & having fun, but Jack had to work on controlling his fun-filled nature. What do you think?

2) Gwen/Peter (From Amazing Spider Man. Also Andrew/Emma)

I love Gwen & Peter together. But part of the reason I think their chemistry worked out so well on-screen is because they are a couple in real life too!! They are so stinking precious...  

3) Tom/Sybil (Downton Abbey)

If you've been around here long, you know I shipped these two very hard. They were the primary reason I watched the show at all... Gah!! So heartbroken. 

4) Finchel (Finn/Rachel from Glee)

I shipped Finchel from the word "go." He is a clueless football player, and she is a dorky Broadway dreamer. But they both love to sing!! 

5) Auggie/Annie (Covert Affairs)

He's a sassy, smart-aleck blind guy, she's a headstrong, independent woman, and they are both secret agents. And they are adorable!!

6) Percabeth (Percy/Annabeth from Percy Jackson: the Lightning Thief)

I just recently finished this series & while the books weren't my favoritest ever, I definitely enjoyed Percy and Annabeth's chemistry together. Their personalities & the way they respond to each other was fun to read & super cute...

7) Clintasha (Clint/Natasha from The Avengers)

Shhhhhhh... Do not say one word. I know. I have not seen Age of Ultron yet, but I have seen the spoilers. (Curse you, Pinterest!) I know my opinion might change after I see the movie, but for the moment, I still ship them. Okay? 

8) Rapunzel + Flynn (Tangled)

(*Squee!!!!*) Favorite Disney couple ever!! Sorry... I know I brag on these two a lot. But how adorable to have a bad-boy realist and a clueless dreamer together??

9) Kim + Ron (Kim Possible)

What a blast from the past, huh?? I adored this show growing up & still foam at the mouth when I hear an episode come on TV. I always thought they were perfect for each other... He's clueless & she's smart. He's weird & she's cool. His last name is Stoppable & hers is Possible. Perfect!!!

10) Lizzy + Gordo (Lizzy Macguire)

Another blast from the past... I was shipping these two before I had a single idea what "shipping" even was. I just knew that Gordo & Lizzy made a great couple. 


11) Elizabeth + Darcy (Pride & Prejudice) 

Need I say more...?

Okay... That was my strange list of a few of my favorite OTPs. Hope you enjoyed it & learned a bit of fangirl!! Feel free to share your list & leave me a link down below.

{Disclaimer: Some of the shows I mentioned in this list occasionally have some inappropriate content... I am not necessarily recommending all of them, because there are things I personally have to fast-forward through in some of the episodes. Just FYI!}

Also, I apologize for not being around much these past few weeks. My family finally moved in to our new house & we are still in the process of settling in... Lots of important life-stuff is happening, peoples!! :)

Let me know how you guys have been in the comments! How's life going? List out a few of your favorite OTPs. Do you want to squeal with me for any of the people in my list?

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  1. You have to see Age of Ultron! It was so good! I wasn't really a Clintasha fan haha. Rapunzel and Flynn are prefect :)

    I like Mr Darcy and Elizabeth together, but I kind of wish Elizabeth could have been a strong single lady forever. But kind of not. I don't know xD

    YOU HAVE GO SET A WATCHMAN. Is it good? Our copy is yet to arrive.

    1. Hey, Opal! :) I KNOW IT... I wanna cry every time I "accidentally" catch a spoiler on the internet. It wasn't like I was a hardcore Clintasha fan, but I liked how it was only hinted at here & there with little things. I don't know if I would even care to have it a real "thing"? haha! ((But yes, Flynn & Rapunzel are PERF! Relationship goals!!))

      I guess a tiny part of me did wish that Elizabeth would stay a strong single woman too... But then I feel so sad for poor, lonely, awkward Darcy!! :P

      YUS!! My dear mother brought it home to me the other day, but with all of the moving craziness I haven't been able to read more than a few pages!! It is a major issue... lol!

  2. dude I loved Tom and Sybil. I'd forgotten how much. And now I'm sad. :P I think I actually stopped watching after all that happened...so many feels.

    My biggest OTP right now is from Teen Wolf and it's Stydia. Stiles and Lydia for life.

    1. Hi, Ely! :) I'm sorry... Let's be sad about them together, okay? The feels hurt. :P

      I have yet to watch Teen Wolf... I'm not really much of a werewolf/vampire type of person. But I have seen some of the Stydia shipping on the internet! lol! They seem cute together. <3

    2. I'm not a big fan of werewolves either, but it was actually all the Stydia shipping on the internet that brought me to the show. I got past its cheesy name and "paranormal romance" aspect. And yes--they are super cute...but not together. Yet. *crosses fingers*

    3. Hehe... That's kinda funny. I've never heard of someone joining a fandom because of the shipping?? XD

  3. The romantic in me is swooning right now. Haha! I love this post! I especially agree where Rapunzel/Flint, Lizzie/Gordie(ahh my childhood!), and Elizabeth/Darcy are concerned. I loved Kim Possible as a kid too, but I don't know. I just think that Kim and Ron made a...weird....couple. I shipped them then, though!

    1. Hehe... I think all of us have that little bit of a romantic buried inside somewhere. <3 Yeah, Kim & Ron were quite an odd couple, but somehow it worked?? lol! I've heard that opposites attract. :)

  4. JELSA = YES



    omg just...literally every one of these OTPs are perfect. so perfect that I had to leave a comment over a month after you posted this. but it. is. just. perfect. you and I share many OTPs ^^

    O | Life as a Young Lady

    1. Hey, O! :) Haha! AWESOMENESS!! Bonding over fictional characters/sweet relationships is so much fun! <3


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