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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

So, you're a writer... That's cool! (But not in the way everyone thinks it is.) You go through a mind-boggling cycle nearly everyday of your life & not many people will have the ability to understand what goes on inside of your lovely little head and how your writing-life really works. Read this post and share it with your non-writer friends, and perhaps they will catch a glimpse of the way your brain works...

Inspiration Strikes

It's a red-letter day. The muse is with you! You'd better drop everything & write your idea down in your journal, or you'll lose it. Try not to scare the neighbors.

You Congratulate Yourself

Come on... Give yourself a little credit. You came up with this plan. All on your own! I'll bet no one has ever thought of your totally unique plot before. Pat yourself on the back.

You Start Plotting

Oh, yeah... It's all coming together. 

You Run Full-Force with the Idea

You dedicate every spare moment to the writing of this exceptional tale. Who needs sleep?? Sleep is for the weak.

You Suffer the Blank Stare

Disaster strikes!! All of those all-nighters finally catch up with you & all of the spark disappears. Don't panic... There's always places to find fuel for the fire.

You Search for Inspiration on the Internet

Pinterest is your right-hand minion in the creative process now. SO MANY IDEAS. But before you know it...

This Becomes a Distraction

Those few minutes of mindlessly scrolling turn into hours. Soon, you are on YouTube, Twitter, & Instagram, only TALKING about writing.

Leading to Denial

Nope. Nope. Nope. It's just a short break... No worries. 

You Remember Your Original Idea

Wait... You had a point to all of this. Remember?

You Get Your Head Back in the Game

Put on those headphones with inspirational music and you are good to go. Pour those emotions into that story! Just don't accidentally type out the song lyrics.

Your Brain Makes a Plot Twist

You didn't see that one coming... AND YOU ARE THE WRITER. This is going to blow the reader's minds.

You Fangirl Over Your Own Writing

You are a genius and you totally know it. You talk about your characters like they are real people and are dying to be able to see people's faces when they read your story.

You Envision the Day That Your Book is Famous

Fame, Book-Signings, the Best-Seller's List... It's all so close, you can almost taste it.

Your Characters Misbehave

Aaaannndddd... "Character A" decides to act entirely out-of-character for 8 chapters before you realize it, and you can feel your dreams slipping away.

You Know Your Writing Is Terrible

It's all little more than a fire-hazard now. All of that time was a waste and you hate the very idea of writing. You begin to look at other future employment options.

You Search for Support & Comfort

You eat some ice-cream with your family and friends & discover that a daily nap time is good for the mind, body, and soul. An encouraging word from a fellow writer-friend is always nice too.

You Muddle Through This Phase

You slowly start to crawl out of the pit of despair and realize that your writing is not THAT bad. You might just pick it back up.

You Edit and Revise

Okay, the basic idea for your book wasn't that bad, but it still needs some work. You have some major editing sessions, but still try to keep your expectations low.

You Behold Your Creation

You are suddenly finished. After endless sweat, stress, and tears, you have produced a work of art that you are glad to call your own.


Okay... That was fun! Did I get all of these right? Which ones did I miss? What stage are you at right now? Comment down below & let me know!


  1. YES oh my goodness this post had me almost in tears- it's perfect!

    1. Haha! Whew... I'm glad I got it right!! lol! ( I have a tendency to make myself laugh & no one else finds the object of my humor funny. O-o ) I'm glad you liked it, though!! I basically tried to re-create my experiences? XD

  2. This was so accurate, I laughed so hard bookmarking this to show, my non writer friend who is about to become my roomie.

    1. HAHA!! XD That's awesome!! I'm glad you enjoyed it! <3

  3. I'm currently working on only my second novel, and I would say that I'm in more than one of these stages. XD I would add the stage where you suddenly get a new story idea which is way better than the one you're currently writing and have doubts. =P

    1. Hi, Victoria! :) Oh, yes, many of the stages overlap... Now I want to go back & add that one!! lol! It actually came to mind at one point? I don't know why I didn't add it... Thanks for reading!!

  4. Yes! So accurate! I think I'm in the muddling phase right now, haha.

    1. Thanks for reading, Sunny! :) Oh, I'm ALWAYS in a slight muddling phase... If not with my writing, then something else! Hehe! I'm glad you enjoyed! ;)

  5. Brilliant gif usage! :D

    I think I can most relate to the blank stare. Oh, yes....

    And the "I cared for about 8 seconds but...." Gah! I need to get writing! Haha.

    1. Hey, thanks, Ally! :D Oooooohhh... I am quite familiar with the blank stare. (*shudders*) Hahaha! I should probably be writing too, now that you mention it? #ForeverProcrastinating

  6. I'm pretty sure you just summed up the writing experience PERFECTLY. XD Except somewhere in the middle of a draft I always get inspired for an AMAZING (and obviously better, lol) story that I sooo waaaaan to WRITE. And I can't. I must focus. I must finish the book at hand. CUE TORTURE. XDXD

    Perfect gifing skills!!

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. Thank you, Cait!! :) I KNEW I SHOULD HAVE ADDED THAT!!!! XD And now I'm kicking myself for not doing it... Oh, well! Maybe a sequel or something needs to happen?? Lol! <3

  7. Ha! I love this! It's accurate. I've been through them, yup. Sigh. That's a good thing /and/ a bad thing. ;)

    1. Thanks, Rachel! :) Hehe... I know, it's sad. XD

  8. Hahaha! So good!
    I wrote a similar post in April 2014 that I called The Artist Cycle, but it wasn't nearly as complete as yours. This was awesome.
    I can't wait to reach the "It's so beautiful!" part. :D :D :D

    1. Thanks for reading! Lol! I'd love to read your post sometime... I'm dying for the "it's so beautiful" stage too!! <3

  9. This is PERFECT!!!! I think you've got all the phases, though I think the "repeat" happens a few times in the middle bits >.< I absolutely love the gif's you picked for this one --- they really are well suited to each of the steps. :D

    I've been stuck in the "You Know Your Writing is Terrible" phase for so long I've largely stopped writing. I still dabble, but I get ADD way faster than I used to :/ It was way easier when I was surrounded by people who also read and write in the same genre, instead of just people who thinking reading is weird enough, but writing is absolutely crazy. Ugh. (This is why I shouldn't take breaks from blogging!)

    1. Hello, Liza! Thanks for stopping by! :)

      Haha! Oh, yes, I know what you mean... I'm glad you enjoyed it! XD Awe... It'll be okay! You'll "muddle through" & come out of that one soon enough. Just keep reading & trying to write, and all will be well. <3


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