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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Hello, all! Today, I am going to review everything that happened on my blog during the month of August. And at the end, I have an announcement. So be sure to read through until the end!

Favorite Posts:

Your favorite post (most views) from August was the Book Hoarding // guest-post from my friend Opal at Opal Swirls. This was a fun GIF post talking about the many emotions of book-hoarders & everyone seemed to find it very relatable.

You commented the most on my Lovely Language // where I fall in love with words post. This one was a new kind of post for me, because I haven't ever really talked about my love for vocabulary. This was an interesting way to share new words & start up discussions!

Guest Posts:

I had one guest post for me in August. See the book hoarding post above? (Thanks Opal!)

And I guest-posted once in August at A Splash of Ink with Sunny... She did a Blogger Spotlight, which was basically a fun interview-style post to help bloggers get to know each other better. I thoroughly enjoyed stopping by and participating.


My blog hit 35 followers on the Google Friend Connect!! 


I completed 5 books in August... Not as many as I would have liked, but better than nothing! I had a wide range of feelings for most of these books. Some I loved, others I truly disliked, & some just made me think a lot.



Personal Stuff:

I traveled to Colorado for five days & had a fantastic time! (I also received a terrific sunburn, but let's not discuss that...)

I began my Senior Year of high school.

I cut my hair into an angled bob.

AND........... (*drumroll, please*

HERE IT IS.......... 


I am going to be a published author.

(*happy dance*)

Yup, some of my writing is going to be in print, in paperback book form, sometime very soon!!! Probably late autumn... (*squeeeeeeeee*) I'm so excited!! XD

Forgive me for spazzing-out. Before I get any more carried away, let me explain.

As many of you know, I work for an online magazine. This September will mark a year of my being a part of the team, and it has been an amazing experience. I have published a few articles, done blog posts, some web-design, started up a couple of giveaways, hosted an interview with a Christian music artist, & loads more! I've learned a lot over this past year, and cannot believe how quickly it has gone by!! 

Anyway, my editor has been working on a top-secret book project all summer long, compiling a book full of all kinds of awesomeness! You can guess how surprised I was when she contacted me this week, asking if she could have my permission to use one of my articles in the book. 

Of course, I said yes.

But it's so strange, because it doesn't feel real yet. I think part of it is because I always thought my first published work would be a piece of fiction. That's where my major writing passion is, so that's just what I assumed I would publish.

Oddly, I'm actually glad that it worked out this way, even though I expected something else. I'm glad because, without realizing it, I had limited myself and my writing to one area & not allowed God to fully open other doors. I whole-heartedly believe that God placed me with this magazine, but I never realized how much He was going to do with my time there.

My encouragement to my fellow writers is this: Don't limit your horizons.

God can use you and your writing in ways you would never expect. Don't put a lid on something you cannot measure! Explore your options & try new things. (This goes for other areas of work & learning too!) God might just surprise you and open doors that your would have never considered possible.

So what have you lovelies been up to? What did you read in August? Did you travel at all? Who's going back to school? Comment down below & talk to me!!


  1. Congratulations! Sounds like an awesome month! And how exciting to be published :) Good luck with both that AND your senior year --- I'm sure you'll have a blast!

    1. Hey, Liza! :) Yes, I think it has been a very productive month... And exciting too!! Thanks for the good wishes! <3

  2. How exciting!. Getting something published is a huge accomplishment. :D
    I love how God always manages to surprise us in life.

    1. Hi, Skye! :) Yeah, God is awesome that way, huh? Thanks for reading! <3

  3. OMGGGG CONGRATS!!!! *sprinkles confetti in your hair* I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! GO YOU, PUBLISHED AUTHOR!! :DD

    1. Hey, Cait! :D THANK YOU!!!! *dances in confetti* It still sound so weird saying that I'm going to be published... Will it ever sound normal?? O-o
      Thanks for stopping by!! <3

  4. Congratulations! It is so exciting that you're going to be a published author, especially regarding something you care so much about! :D Your reads look very interesting this month; I've only read Gathering Blue but I appreciate that series quite a bit, so I am always glad to see it around. And I'm glad to hear you enjoyed Colorado—and sympathize with your sunburn. I'm sorry to hear that!

    Thanks for stopping by Sometimes I'm a Story!

    1. Hello, Heather! :) Thank you... The series Gathering Blue is from is one of my favorites!! Oh, thank you... lol! XD

      Thanks for stopping by! <3


    I'm totally with you when you say don't limit your horizons. My first "published" works were op-eds for a local newspaper, and like you I expected it to be fiction. What a great opportunity for you:D

    Also, I was happy to have you at SOI! Hope September is just as great of a month as August!

    1. Hey, Sunny! :D Thank you!! That's really cool how you wrote for a local paper...

      I was glad to be able to join you! Your blog is so much fun! Right back at ya. ;) <3

  6. Congratulations! This is so exciting!! It also sounds like your August was fabulous. The Giver series of books is amazing. I absolutely love them. Also, I've nominated you for the Liebster Award because your blog is adorable! :D
    Find it here:

    1. Thanks, Rachel! :) I love the Giver series too... Thanks for the award! <3


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