September Recap + Published + Birthday

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

   Yes, I am well aware that I have not posted for nearly a month. I apologize, but life happens. But I promise that I am still alive!! So much has happened this past month, and I decided that I probably should try to sum it all up in a post for you guys!

   September has come and gone, leaving us with some delightfully chilly, October weather & my 18th birthday. Not gonna lie, I'm not sure how I feel about the latter. I asked around for a ticket to Neverland, but no one would oblige. Hmm... I wonder what the deal is?
   Rapidly approaching is my very first Blogiversary!! (The 20th of this month.) I'm currently pondering how I should celebrate. Giveaway...? Tag...? Twitter-party...? Who knows... Tell me what you think in the comments!



   Your favorite post this month (most views) was "Storymongering with Braden Russell," my interview/guest post with my friend Braden from, (you guessed it!) The Storymonger. This was a throughly entertaining post for me to come up with, because Braden's blog is one of my favorites! He has a very unique & humorous writing style, which we ended up discussing...

   You commented the most on "The Tag of Happiness // cutest tag ever" post. I was tagged by Opal, and it spread a smile across my face. The questions just made me feel all warm and smiley... lol! Check it out, if you haven't already!


   I have been attempting to have at least one guest come to my blog every month, and so far it has been working out fairly well! This month's post was the interview with Braden! (Look above.)

  I have a few more interviews stewing for the near future, so keep an eye open for them! :)


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   I completed 3 books since September 5th... Not as many as I would have liked, but better than none! Here are the three I read.


      I enjoyed Jane Eyre very much!! (I gave it 4 out of 5 stars.) I would put this one on up with Pride & Prejudice and Oliver Twist for me... The story was good, there was a bit of mystery, & of course true love! Definitely a winner for me.
     The Chosen was also very enjoyable. (Also a 4 out of 5!) The thing that made this one stand out at me, was how in-depth Potok went into explaining the Jewish-American culture during WWII. This was one that made me stop and think about legalism, freedom, and the true meaning of friendship. An awesome read for any of you WWII junkies and/or people who enjoy studying different cultures. 
    Wuthering Heights was my least favorite this month. (I gave it 2 out of 5...) I won't say that I immensely disliked the story, but I can't say that I adored it either. To be honest, it was kind of dark & depressing. I didn't really care for any of the characters, and almost nobody did any life-changing character development. I will, however, say that Bronte did a truly fantastic job of creating a frightening villain. He always had me guessing his next move, but when the time came, he was already two steps ahead.

Personal Stuff: 

   I am finally a published author!! In fact, you can buy the book with my article on Amazon right now! Plus, $5 from every copy sold goes to help fund an orphanage in India. (Awesome project, huh?) If you would like to pick up this awesome 244-page book of encouragement, click here & place your order.

    Also, i you would like to just donate to the orphanage project, click here to go to the Crown of Beauty Magazine website.... Those little girls in India, (and us ladies at the magazine,) would certainly appreciate your help!! 

    In other personal news, the Writer's Block I have been dealing with is melting away. I have been writing consistently every night before I go to sleep. It's absolutely amazing how much work I have done just from writing those 30+ minutes a day!! 
   I am also considering trying to do NaNoWriMo this year. There are a few ideas bubbling and coming to the surface, but a definite plot is not fully constructed. (I have found that I work a little better with some sort of plot written down to refer to throughout the writing process.) My first year, I completely pantsed on everything & I didn't finish before the deadline. 

    Alrighty, peeps... What has been going on? I feel like I've been totally out of the loop for too long. Bring me up to speed! Any NaNo-ers out there? What'd you read this month? Do you share my love for October? Any other blogiversaries coming up? Are you going to buy the Crown of Beauty Book?? Lemme know down below!! 


Currently Reading: Silas Marner by George Elliot
Just Finished: Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte 
Listening to: "As Time Goes By" from Casablanca


  1. I quite enjoyed Jane Eyre, I liked the dark undertones and I wasn't expecting it. Congrats on getting published! I would love to say I would buy the magazine, but I am currently broke. :D
    I wanted to do Nano this year, but I can't.

    1. Thanks for reading, Skye! :) I adored Jane Eyre... There was a good balance of dark & uplifting! It would be really sad & then a sliver of happiness would pop up.
      Thanks for the congratulations! And I totally get the being broke part... Same here! Hehe!
      Aw... I'm sorry! Maybe next year! I doubt I'll finish with the grand 50K because of my schedule, but who knows?

  2. Happy birthday!! Happy blogiversary!! Yay for writing and being published! :)


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