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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

    Hiya, lovlies!! Today is an awesome day, because I am sharing a top-secret interview with you! (Okay, maybe not top-secret, but still very fun.) This particular interviewee is a hilarious Australian blogger by the name of Cait. Yup, you guessed it! I have Cait from Paper Fury here with me today, and we are going to chat about all kinds of things. Blogging, NaNoWriMo, books... All kinds of fun stuff, huh? So without further ado, let's get started...

*My comments are in the larger, bolder print. Cait's are in the normal font.*

Hiya, Cait! :) Thank you oh-so-much for coming by Plottinger Twist!!

   ~Thank you for having me!!

So, you blog over at Paper Fury, (previously known as Notebook Sisters) right? How did you come up with that awesome-sauce name?

   ~It took me forever, oh gawsh, FOREVER I tell you. I basically settled on the "Fury" part because A) I do everything rather furiously fast, and B) I really like the way the word sounds. Yup. That is my deep and meaningful reason. I added in "Paper" so everyone would know I'm obsessed with books and VOILA. You have me, the Papery Fury.

How long have you been blogging?

   ~Four and a half years! I feel like an old ancient blogger. Grab me a walking cane, please, omg.

I am a huge fan of how you manage to make a blog post EVERY DAY! How do you do it? It's a struggle for me to manage one-a-week.

   ~I just have a lot of ideas! (I have been accused of being an "Idea Queen" and I shall not knock that title.) I think the more you blog, the easier it is to blog a lot?! And some days the post inspiration just flails around screeching to be written -- SO I MUST COMPLY. Although, funny you should say this, because I've actually had to start posting a little bit less with end-of-year-lifely business.

If you had to describe your blog in one sentence, what would you say?

   ~(Ahhhh, this is hard!!) My blog is about reading, writing, and eating books, and if it accidentally happens to be funny enough that you snort your coffee out your nose -- consider me quietly pleased.

Anyone who reads your blog instantly realizes that you have an extremely unique writing voice! How/when did you discover your fabulously contagious style?

   ~I used to blog like a socially inept robot. I DID, I PROMISE. I think I discovered my "voice" by just...blogging for so long! It changes a bit each year, honestly. But I like to blog like I'm having a conversation with my readers! I like to be enthusiastic and SQUALL IN ALL-CAPS IF THE SITUATION REQUIRES IT. I like to talk about cake and pineapples and being ruler of all. I admire people who are unashamedly fabulous -- so that's my goal too!

From the snippets of your stories that you share, it sound like your humor & flair also bleed into your fiction writing. How long have you been noveling, by the way?

   ~I've been writing (seriously, that is) for 6 years now! Because let's not talk about the books I wrote as a 12-year-old where I basically stole Narnia and called it my own. (I was 12!! I thought CS Lewis might share!!) And yesss, I do so love to write sassy banter into my novels! My fiction writing definitely does get serious sometimes (awk, so hard to write climatic scenes without someone cracking a lame joke) while my blogging is just a continual deluge of odd fruit jokes and flailing gifs.

How many complete works have you compiled?

   ~I finished my 18th book this November! I KNOW. A LITTLE BIT CRAZY.

Any ideas on when we will hear some publication announcements?

   ~If I knew I would be throwing cake and flailing across the internet shrieking about it! SO FAR...WE HAVE TO WAIT AND SEE. Fingers crossed 2016 is the year of Noveling Greatness!

What is your favorite genre to read/write? Do you tend to hang out in that specific genre, or do you venture out to others & mix things up a little?

   ~For has to be fantasy. Epic fantasy is like my first love, but I adore magical and urban. Just basically give me sassy dialogue, delicious food descriptions, and a bit of magic flung around -- I will love that book forever.

   ~For writing...wait for it....waaaaiiiit for it: FANTASY. Of the 18 books I've written, 16 have been fantasy!

Could you tell us a little about your newest novel? (The one that you wrote in FOUR DAYS!!)

   ~Oh oh, with pleasure. It's basically a murder-mystery road trip...WITH DRAGONS. A shape-shifting dragon dude is accused of killing his family so he runs across the world trying to find the real murderer. Which, with all the running, makes him look more guilty, so you can imagine how that works out. It's set in a fantasy-inspired-Japan with old cars, best friends, and copious amounts of sushi.

How on earth do you budget your time in order to get so much writing done so quickly? I find it quite amazing.

   ~I work from home, so if I want to take 4 days off and write a book...I can! Myself is an incredibly understanding boss.

Where do you find inspiration for your stories?

   ~EVERYWHERE. (Hahaha ha, ha...ahem.) I promise I'll answer better than that! I get ideas from movies and if I read a book about dragons I go, "But what if it was a modern dragon and their family was murdered and then..." and it all spirals out from there! Also Pinterest. Daaaang it's a black hole of procrastination, but also entirely inspiring.

Do you have any super-duper-top-secret blogging/noveling/writing advice for us young, clueless beginners?

   ~For writing: Don't try to make your first draft perfect! LET IT GO. Sing like Elsa, if need be! Just write it and edit later. Finishing things, even if they have plot holes the size of Slovenia in them, is the most important.

   ~For blogging: Write the blog you want to read! So if you enjoy reading funny blogs - be funny! If you enjoy reading lists - write lists! ENJOY ALL THE THINGS.

Cait, thank you so very much for GRACING my blog today! Hehe! (You get it? Cait Grace?? Okay, I'll stop.) Anyway, thank you so much & I will be hearing from you soon! Ta-ta for now.

   ~You're welcome for my graceful presence. *flips hair majestically* It was incredibly fun!! Thank you for having me!

Cait is the (evil) mastermind behind Paper Fury. She lives in Australia and eats books by the spoonful. When not reading, she likes to write books, rearrange her bookshelves, and teach her puppy to make sandwiches. Find her on twitter and instagram.

    I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with Cait today. She's a bundle of fun! Be sure to stop by her Blog, Twitter, & Instagram and let her know I sent you! (She's super-friendly! Don't worry... She doesn't bite too often! lol!)

    What did you guys think of today's post? Any suggestions for other people to interview? Any specific posts you want me to make in the near future? Wanna say hi? Lemme know in the comments!

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  1. I love Cait and her hilarious blog. I need to make like Elsa with my first draft. Thanks for the advice.

    1. Hey, Skye! :) Yeah, I think all of us could use a little more Else in our writing-step, if you know what I mean. lol! Thanks for reading!! <3

  2. Eeeep! Thanks for having me!! *dances wildly* Such fun questions. :D

    1. HEY, CAIT!! :) Thank you super-much for doing this with me!! Such fun.... We must do it again sometime. <3


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