My Unintentional Hiatus // Life Update

Sunday, June 5, 2016

   Hello, lovely people! Oh my heavens, it's been sooo long since I've opened a blog post with that greeting! But it feels so nice to be back!!

   Yes, I know, it's been basically forever since I've updated. Okay, maybe not forever, but three(ish) months certainly feels like an insanely long time without talking with you people! I've missed blogging. I've missed the community. And I've missed my readers.

  Why this sudden disappearance, you ask? What happened to you, Hannah? Where did you go?

  Well, if you want the short & sweet version, I've just been plain busy. Life's busier than a beehive sometimes & you just have to function on coffee and a random blogging hiatus... I honestly feel quite terrible for ditching you all, and for not staying on top of things. But, then again, I'm not going to beat myself up about it.

   Life happens...

  Now, if you want the super-duper-cool-extended version, here's the breakdown of the things that have happened in the quiet months of my blog.

• I started working my first job •

   I am now a secretary's assistant at an electrician's office. It's a nice, quiet job where I get to work with papers & computers all day. And in my spare time, between filing paperwork & answering phones (eekkk!!), I have time to write. Definitely a nice first job...

• I graduated highschool •

   After four long years of hard work, I was finally given that little piece of paper that lets you into university. I feel exhausted, but at the same time there is an overwhelming sense of accomplishment present in the tiredness. And I'm looking forward to starting university in August! It's going to be a big change because this homebody is moving out of the fam's house for the very first time. (I'm gonna have a roommate?? That poor, poor soul...) OH, and I also had my senior pictures done! Didn't they turn out lovely??

• I got my first car •

   This one's pretty self-explanatory... I now have a set of wheels & I can go places and do things on my own!! I'm a big kid now, I suppose. It's rather strange, but very nice at the same time. FREEDOM. RESPONSIBILITY. CHAUFFEURING. Glamorous stuff, folks.

• I started a bookstagram •

   This one's actually a lot of fun! I saw all of the lovely pictures other blogging-buddies were posting & I just started twitching. I knew I needed to try it. Because photography! Books! Pretty pictures of books! It's a lovely thing... (You can check out some more of my photos @plottingertwist on Instagram!!)

• I participated in Camp NaNoWriMo for the first time •

   I was placed in a cabin with a bunch of lovely blogging and Twitter-buddies & it was a blast! We all encouraged each other to share snippets of our writing every day & maintained a very enjoyable atmosphere. I didn't meet my goal word-count, but a new story did come out of the whole affair! And it's a story that a few people are enjoying right now, believe it or not. Which leads me to the next point...

• I started publishing a story on Wattpad •

   Yes, quirky-little-introverted-writer-Hannah pushed herself out of her comfort-zone & finally pressed the "Publish" button on a story! Polaroids + Postcards is a weekly serial, updated every Tuesday/Wednesday, that you can start reading right now on Wattpad. (Which is basically a totally sweet website for writers who want to get their stories out there & gather an audience before/without publishing traditionally. It's an amazing place.)

• I saw Captain America: Civil War •


• I went through/am coming out of a reading slump •

   I don't really think this one needs much of an explanation either. Reading slumps happen! I had an extensive reading-list for school & my pleasure reading sort of went out the window for a while. But thanks to a dear fellow bookworm, Zac Tyson from Of Bleeding Pens and Pages, I think that the stagnation might end... (He sent me this lovely copy of Storm Siren this week & I've been dying to get started on it!! *happy squeaks*)

• I developed an addiction to Shawn Mendes Music 

   *sighs dreamily* HIS VOICE, MAN... JUST... NO WORDS...

• I had my very first FaceTime call with a writing-buddy •

   This was basically a life-changing event for me, okay? It doesn't take much for people to catch on that I adore connecting with other writers/bloggers/readers/fangirls through Twitter and other forms of social media... Over the past several months, I've developed many splendid friendships in this way & I've loved every minute of it. It's a fabulous thing. I love it. But I had yet to get so personal as to *shivers* CALL any of them. (This introvert doesn't just call people, okay? I'm a delicate human bean.) But a couple weeks ago, I had the grand pleasure of talking face-to-face with my long-time pal, Wendy Greene of The Jumping Bean. It was quite amazing because we basically just giggled & flailed the entire time. Definite a new favorite blogging/general-life memory! <3


   Soooooo... Yeah. Life's been crazy around these parts. It never stops moving. But there's nothing better to do than embrace it with a smile! I am going to try to get back into the habit of blogging regularly this summer, now that I have school off of my plate. (I still have some book reviews & tags that are looonnnggg overdue! Eeepp!) But I am also planning on trying to uploads some good content that will make enjoyable reads for you all during your break.

   Tell me... What have I missed since I disappeared from the blogiverse?? Read any good books while I was gone? Write anything new? Did you watch Captain America: Civil War too?? Let me know all the things in the comments below!! I want to hear from you guys again. I missed you all!

(By the way, a dear friend of mine just started a book-blog of her own! Do yourself a favor & stop by her place, From the Typewriter... Tell her I sent you. *wink*)

Currently Reading: Out of Africa by Isak Dinesen
Just Finished: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green via
Listening to: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs via


  1. I saw Civil War! Loved it so much!

    I got Storm Siren from the library recently. It didn't really grip me, though I can't really blame the book for that because it was interesting. So I skimmed it, but the end...! Though not completely unexpected, I may have to get the next book to find out what happens.

    1. Hey, Hope! :) AWWW... WASN'T IT GREAT??

      Haha! Yeah, my pals who have already read it have been torturing me with hints about an ending that will make me need to buy the next book. :P

  2. Oh my. <3 This post is beautiful. I love hearing about what's going on in other's lives. Congratulations on graduating, girl! That is so exciting. Enjoy this summer while you still have a /bit/ more time than when university starts up. Also, Polaroids + Postcards is basically my new love, besides Jesus. I'm ecstatic to read more! OH!! And also, your bookstagram pictures *FLAILS AND SQUEALS* are BEAUTIFUL. Oh man.

    1. Hey, Rachel! :) Oh, thank you so much! So much awesomeness has been happening, it's kind of crazy! I'm looking forward to a family vacation to take a break from it all. Lol! :) OHMYGOODNESS, THANK YOU. I am so glad you enjoy reading P+P!! And I'm glad you like the pictures too! Haha! :D

      You're just a bundle of sweetness!! Thanks for reading! <3

  3. BUCKY BUCKY BUCKY. xD Sorry. :P

    Ooh, you started a Wattpad story? HOW DID I MISS THIS? I need to read this. Hopefully I won't forget. *nodnod* You are very very brave for posting your writing online. I don't know if I'll ever gather up that type of courage. xD

    AHHH I just skyped with a couple of my internet friends for the first time, and it is definitely an awesome experience. And kind of scary, but oh well. xD MEMORIES FOREVER!

    1. YAASSSSS, BUUCCKKKYYYYY!!!!! #sorrynotsorry LOL! XD

      Hey, Katie! I've missed my pizza-buddy something awful! :) YES, I DID! Lol! It was kinda scary, but everyone's been super sweet about it, so I felt a little better about it all afterwards. You should TOTALLY DO IT---I'd gobble it up like there's no tomorrow. :D

      OH, HOW AWESOME!! It truly is a new & slightly terrifying experience, but it certainly makes for some awesome memories. (We must set up a Skype date at some point. *nods exuberantly* We can flail about Bucky & pizza together!) It was lovely to hear from you again! <3


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