My Month in Review // February 2018

Monday, March 5, 2018

Hello, lovely people! It's me again. Yes, I have returned. Like I told you in my last post, I'm not planning on falling off the planet again. My blog updates will probably be done on a once-or-twice-a-month basis...

So here I am!! It's been just less than a month since my last post, and I am actually proud of myself for getting back to you guys so soon. A lot's been happening, so I thought I would give you guys a quick rundown on what my month has been like.

Firstly, I've still been keeping up with YouTube. My channel is growing, as is the interaction happening with the channel.

In the past month, I've managed to get 7 videos posted to my channel. (And yes, three out of the seven are livestreams, which require no editing, but it's still a lot of time and effort that goes into them!)

I think my personal favorites were my Valentine's Day music video, my storytime (Ramblings Over Ramen) video, and my most recent Vlog...

I've really been enjoying filming every week & giving myself goals to meet. It's super encouraging and motivating to know that I can accomplish anything I want if I only make the time for it. There is something about that feeling when you look at all of your hard work and realize that only YOU could have done that.

Art is found in everything... even in the silly little stories we tell.

This past month, I started to write again! It's been ages since I've done this, but I finally managed to get myself back into the habit of writing something (nearly) every day. I don't know if any of you will remember me discussing this in my last post, but I was in the process of writing a story called Polaroids and Postcards & posting it chapter-by-chapter on the publishing platform called Wattpad before I was attacked by school, work, & a nice little dose of Imposter Syndrome.

In short, I've gotten over it.

In the past three weeks, I've updated my novel three times (aka "I wrote three chapters"), I hit 2.5K reads on it, and it was trending at #688 on the General Fiction page of their website for two days! It was super awesome, and I'm hoping to continue publishing new chapters at least once a week. So if you haven't checked it out yet, you totally should. It's reaching the halfway-point of the story, reader/fan theories are flying in the comment section, and it's getting pretty... intense. *sly wink*

So this month, I also got back to updating my Instagram every day! Which is something I actually didn't really ever do...? But I wanted to start trying it. However, I wasn't super confident in my photography skills. I enjoyed it, but I didn't really know how to make everything look aesthetically pleasing & fairly uniform.

SOoooooOOoooo... I consulted the Mighty Google.

After watching endless YouTube videos, reading countless blog posts, & even stalking my favorite Instagram pages for answers, I realized I wasn't gonna learn anything unless I started trying it for myself. That's how the majority of "famous" Instagrammers grew their pages. They tried repeatedly until they found what worked for them.

That's what I've been trying this month with my Instagram. I've been trying different types of photos, different poses, different props, new lighting, even different filters until I started to figure out what I liked. 

For instance, when I first started my Instagram, I would literally ONLY post flatlays with books. That was it. Which, at the time, that's all I was even remotely interested in posting. I didn't feel comfortable in my own skin at the time, so I certainly wasn't gonna post selfies every day! And I wasn't really sure what else I could take pretty photos of? So I stuck with that & never pushed myself to try anything new. (I think that's part of the reason I got bored with my Insta and abandoned it for so long.)

HOWEVER... since I've gotten back to it, I've posted selfies (normal ones & ones where I attempt to recreate a celebrity photo), photos with jewelry I am an ambassador for, flatlays with clothes and makeup, as well as book photos! I've made my Instagram more about my life and less about books, and that has truly helped me to find inspiration to share more with you guys & to not stop taking photos.

After I figured out all of that, I started expanded to experimenting with posting times and hashtags.

Oddly enough, I've found out that the best time for me to post is anywhere from 6pm-12am?? My phone literally blows up if I post during that time. Who'd have thought! However, hashtags are still a bit of a mystery to me. I'm still studying & messing around with them, so if I figure out anything definite by next month, I'll let you guys know. *finger guns*

Some of my best photos from this month...

Other than that, I've just been taking piano lessons every week and giving guitar and ukulele lessons in my spare time. And school, obviously. *rolls eyes*

OH...... and one more thing.

I've been planning & preparing for meeting my very first Internet friend!!!! This will be the very first irl meetup I've had with any internet pal ever, so this is insanely exciting and slightly nerve-wracking.

I'm totally pumped to meet my friend, but there is a weirdly random feeling of nervousness attached to it. Lol! I guess it's just human nature and my silly little insecurities coming out... BUT I'M MORE EXCITED THAN ANYTHING. Like, the thought of being able to hug a dear friend for the first time is a crazy one!! I cannot believe it's happening, and I am overwhelmed with joy.

You guys will definitely be seeing pictures and videos of our adventures when my friend arrives. I'm not going to reveal their secret identity yet, because we decided that we want to make it a big surprise for everyone!! So if you wanna stay updated on all of that, be sure to follow me on all of my social media & keep your eyes open from March 10th to the 14th...


Alright, lovelies... This is me signing off until my next update. Hopefully, I'll be able to post before my next monthly update, but if not, I'll definitely see you then. Until next time!

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