The Rebellion by Livy Jarmusch // BLOG TOUR + GIVEAWAY

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Hello, lovely people!! I am so hyped to make this post, because not only am I taking part in this epic 50+ stop blog-tour, but we are also giving away 2 signed copies of the first book in the series, The Coronation, by Livy Jarmusch...

The Rebellion: Releasing May 8th, 2018!

Something is brewing. Like the far off rumble of a train in the distance, a rebellion is stirring. A cry for change arises in the midst of a traditional monarchy, where King Addison has inherited the throne. Who are the underground troublemakers? What is stirring their defiant banner and demand for change? Find out in The Rebellion! (The Tales of Tarsurella #2)

Vanessa Bennett lands her dream job working at the Palace in Tarsurella. She struggles to balance everything on her plate: life in a new country, stressful deadlines, crabby co-workers, college classes at the local University, and blossoming feelings of romantic adoration toward her boss–King Addison. Keeping up with her To-Do list, while trying to earn respect in Addison’s male-dominated administration, presents its challenges. Nevertheless, she can’t help but fight a reoccurring thought and the excitement rising with it: is Addison interested in her?

Addison is adjusting to his new role as King. Rumors of a rebellious uprising among the youth in Tarsurella intensifies, as acts of violence and protest break out across the city. Addison is determined to uncover the hidden instigator who fearlessly blogs democracy-driven ideals with a secretive pen name. Will Addison discover and expose the fiery rebellion leader? Or will his efforts fail to stop the rebellious thoughts spreading like wildfire, causing a heartbreaking rift in his divided nation? 

Book #2 in this beautiful series, Livy Jarmusch continues to weave a tale of royalty & sweetly budding romance that strikes at the heartstrings of everyone who dreams of being treated like a princess... This is not a book you want to miss.

And don't worry. If you missed out on Book #1: The Coronation, you can purchase it on Amazon or enter our GIVEAWAY!! And if you want to read Book #2: The Rebellion, keep your eyes on Amazon! It's coming on May 8th!!

 Livy is a twenty-something author, singer, and songwriter. She enjoys crafting YA fiction that is pure, lovely, inspirational, and of course, entertaining! When she's not writing, you can usually find her playing guitar, blogging, drinking peppermint tea, connecting with new friends, planning her next trip to Disney, or pinning images of Europe and Golden Retriever Puppies.

If you want to visit Livy's Blog to find out more about all the amazing work she does, feel free to check it out HERE!

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Who else loves stories about royalty? Any other "princesses" out there? Have you read the first book in the Tales of Tarsurella series? What did you think? Be sure to sound off in the comments!


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