Book Review Policy

I am a book-blogger. 

   So it goes without saying that I like to read books! But I also have feelings about the books I read, & rating them is just one of the many ways to share those feelings... On this page I will explain my review/rating policy so everyone can better understand me when I express myself this way.

My Review Policy

   I will occasionally write reviews on books & share them with my readers. I include a summary of the story, I explain the things I like, the things I disliked, I discuss the main characters, & I include an official rating. These opinions are all my own & I do not receive any compensation for them. (In some cases, however, I am given a free copy of a book in exchange for an honest review. When this occurs, my policy is still the same & it does not affect my review.)

My Official Rating System

   When I rate a book, it is to help sum up my feelings for it as a whole. Individual components add up to help me decide on a 1 to 5 star rating. The following explains how to interpret my personal star-ratings...

5 Stars... This means that I loved the book // that it is a (new) favorite of mine! 
It's a must-read.

4 Stars... This means that I really enjoyed the book
and that I would totally recommend it!

3 Stars... This means that I liked the book, but it wasn't my favorite 
// there were may have been things I specifically disliked.

2 Stars... This means that the book was just okay
// I didn't thoroughly enjoy it or I specifically disliked some things.

1 Star... This means that I completely disliked the book.

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