Bleet: the App Where Bloggers Meet // I'M SO EXCITED FOR THIS

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Hello, lovely people! Forgive my all-caps SCREAMING in the title, but I am genuinely excited about this post. Why? Well, lemme tell you... this is actually kind of a dream-come-true for me. Why?? Well, lemme explain.

If you read my latest blog-post, you'll remember that I wrote about meeting my Internet Bestie for the very first time earlier this year. (If you missed it, read the post about the experience here!) Long story short, it was a fantastic experience, and it's definitely something I would want to do again & would recommend to others. #InternetFriendsForTheWin

However, the funny thing about internet friendships/blogging friendships is the fact that the majority of the time you end up connecting with people to live far away. Which is great!! But while distance doesn't keep you from connecting, it does make for some... difficulties. In short, the sad reality is that it's an expensive ordeal to just MEET these people, much less sit down, hang out, & create awesome content/collabs with them!! 

SOOoooo... what if I told you there was an app tailored specifically for connecting with real bloggers near you?? Like, close enough to meet up for coffee & lunch?? *cue happy squealing*

*calms self* Ahem. My dear Bloggers, allow me to introduce Bleet: the app where bloggers meet. With this app, you simply create an account by filling in what type(s) of blogging you do, connecting your social media accounts, & adding your location! (The GPS actually moves your location a little bit, so it hides your exact whereabouts & just shows the general vicinity. That way you don't have to worry about your privacy!) THEN VOILA!! You're set to meet up with fellow bloggers in your area.

In a way, it is kind of like Tinder, but without the awkward pickup-lines and the weird dates. It's just a cool new way to connect with likeminded folks with a passion for blogging & writing!!

I am personally thrilled for this app because I am going to be moving to a fairly large city within the next couple of months, where I will be living alone. This is exciting, but it is also slightly intimidating. This will be a fresh start for me, and making new friends will be a part of that new beginning. So why not try to connect with fellow bloggers?? As an introvert, this would break the ice by giving me something to talk about & bond over with these new friends. Plus, it will open up opportunities for future collabs & linkups. AND ON TOP OF THAT IT GIVES ME AN EXCUSE TO GO OUT FOR COFFEE.

To be honest, it sounds like an amazing idea.

Now I know you're probably asking some questions...

"Is this app available in my country?" The answer is YES!! This app is actually based in the UK, and the creators were kind enough to include everyone on the fun. So Bleet will be available worldwide!!

"But is it available on Android/iPhone??" The answer to both is YES!! The app will be available on Google Play for Android AND the App Store for iOS.

"OKAY, you've convinced me. When can I download Bleet???" The answer is May 2, 2018... However, if you're an Eager Beaver like me, you can go to the website & pre-signup before then! (*clears throat* I may or may not have signed up over a month ago...)

There you have it, my friends! I will have to make a review-post on the app after it officially released & I've had a chance to try it out. Who knows?? Maybe I will be able to make another "Meetup" post soon & chat about any new friends I've made! Wouldn't that be lovely??

To finish this post off, I just wanna say a quick thank you to Bleet & the entire team working behind it. You lovely humans are in the process of making something splendid and beautiful, & I am soooo unbelievably excited to experience it. (Also, I must mention, the Bleet team is so sweet. They were so kind to me during the preparation of this post & that is a difficult thing to find on the internet these days. So if for no other reason, download Bleet just to support the nice people, okay? Lol!)

Well, now that I've rambled, I cannot wait to see what all of YOU think of this new app!!

What do you think so far? Sound interesting? Do you think you'll try it? What plans would you make if you could meet up with new blogger friends? Let me hear it all down in the comments!!


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