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  2. Hi, Hannah!

    Okay, every single time I come to your blog, I geek out about the design. It's beautiful and so clean. Is this something you've put together (are you technologically advanced? ;) Is there a place to go that has great tutorials on how to do stuff like this, or would you mind laying out a few tips/tricks for me?

    Keep up the stellar writing God has gifted you with!

    1. Hey, Rachel!! :)

      Girl, I cannot tell you how much this comment made my day!! Like, seriously... It is SOOO encouraging to hear the someone actually enjoys the stuff I do on here. I'm a bit of a design geek too, so when I see a sweet, new blog design, I go nuts. It tickles me to heard someone feels that way about mine! lol! <3

      I am not what you would call technologically advanced... Everything I have done on here has been through trial, error, & loads of research. (Experience is Life's greatest teacher! haha!) Part of me wishes I could post a picture of what this blog started out like at the beginning. It was ROUGH!! Ugh... I shudder to remember how it looked. XD But the more I saw other blogs, the more I started to learn about what I found to be a pleasing, simple design. And then I researched. Google & YouTube were my buddies.

      I generally stumble onto web-designing blogs & use their pre-done HTML/CSS codes to change up the fonts/picture shapes/alignment/icon stuff, but I basically combined all of it & made it my own. If you'd like, I will dedicate an entire post to designing tips and trick & I'll add a list of links to the cool blogs that helped me out/inspired me!!

      Thanks for being so thoughtful as to leave such an encouraging comment! You are such a blessing!! <3 <3 <3


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