The Bookshelf Link-up (A Splash of Ink)

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Sunny invited everyone to join her first-ever link-up, so I decided I'd try it... In all honesty, its my first "linky-thingy" too, so this is new for me! But new can be fun!! So here goes nothing... :)

The Prompt:

1. If you can, share a picture of your bookshelves (piles of books, boxes of books, anywhere you store your books) or describe the set-up you have. 

~ Ummm... Must I share a picture?? Haha! I am part of a large family, (ten people total!) and we are all readers. And on top of that, we are in the middle of moving!! So, as you might imagine, our bookshelves are pretty insane right now... But I will describe it for you! Books go everywhere in our house. We have shelves, counters, boxes, tubs, and tables with books all covering them. And we make a point to go to Half-Priced books at least once a month or so. What can I say? We love to read!

2. How do you sort your books? Author, genre, not at all?

~ Haha! Nope!! To a certain degree we have a stack of so-and-so's school books, a shelf of this series, the shelf of Bible study & devotionals, and a pile of Mom's Homeschooling Idea books... But as a whole, we don't meticulously organize our books.

3. Do you have any special trinkets or decorations on your shelves, or are they purely business?

~ My shelves tend to be a catch-all for books & other things. It's a random rainbow of bookishness!

4. What genre dominates your bookshelf? Or what genres make up your bookshelf?

~ Really, a little bit of everything. But mostly fiction books. There is a lot of fantasy mixed in as well. My personal pile is shoved full of classics!

5. Are there any books on your shelf that you're particularly proud of?

~ My copy of Sense & Sensibility is sooooooo pretty!! It's one of the Puffin Classic covers & I adore it! <3

6. What is the ratio between read books and TBR books on your shelf?

~ I have absolutely no idea. There are many books I haven't read, but I can't even think of a good ratio!! Lol! Let's just say 50:50...

7. What is the most recent addition to your bookshelf?

~ The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorn and Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe.

8. Describe your dream bookshelf setup.

~ A Library. My own personal library in a castle on a mountain with a cozy armchair & fireplace.

H.M. Wilson

My Ever-Growing TBR Pile

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

If you have followed my blog for any length of time, you know that I'm always referencing a mysterious jumbled-up list which is full of elusive books I have yet to capture & devour... And if you follow me on Goodreads, (which you really should do, if you don't already!) you have seen only a fraction of the my unending list. But the odd thing is, no matter how many books I consume, no matter how tired my eyes are, and no matter how sore my neck becomes, this list refuses to dwindle.

It is in these moments of reflection that I remember an appropriate quote from Lemony Snicket.

(Yeah... that's what comes to mind.)

Anyway, I thought that I would try to write out some of my insane list for you guys today & maybe we can compare notes to see who has read which books and discover which ones neither of us have conquered! Sounds like an interesting challenge to me!! <3

Now, please be kind to me here... There are a bunch in my pile that I am ashamed to admit I have yet to pick up. So no hate on anyone, okay? haha! We are all just one big, happy family! :)

Uncle Tom's Cabin
Lord of the Flies
The Lord of the Rings
Animal Farm
The Diary of Anne Frank
The Tale of Two Cities
The Great Gatsby
The Scarlett Pimpernel
Lassie, Come Home
Les Miserables
Gone With the Wind
The Mark of Zorro
The Goose Girl series
Harry Potter series
Percy Jackson series
Ender's Game series
Anne of Green Gables
Treasure Island 
A Series of Unfortunate Events
North and South
It Took A War
The Book Thief
Oliver Twist
Bleak House


You get the idea... It's hopeless to even try to add all of them!!! How sad, right? 

These are just the ones that instantly come to mind, but it is still a pretty big list! In all honesty, there are a few of these that I have listened to numerous times through audio-book, but never actually held a hard copy. 

Even though I don't believe that I will read every single book I hope to read, and even though I am teasingly bemoaning this petty problem through this blog post, I have decided to do something dangerous... (*GASP*)

Here's my crazy two-parted idea: 

(1.) If you have a Goodreads account, be sure to follow me!! The link to my account is in the "Wanna Talk?" page in the header.

(2.) After you have followed me, look at my lists of books. And here's the crazy part: I want you guys to recommend more books to me! 

I know, it sounds totally ridiculous to say that just after I told you I will never read everything there is to be read...but there's no harm in trying!! I want to stretch my reading muscles a bit & try some new books! <3

Comment down below & tell me a few of your books you are dying to read! I'd love to hear some of your favorites that you FINALLY checked off your list, as well! 

H.M. Wilson

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